Business Advisory


Many clients rely on us as their financial and business advisors, understanding the wide range of issues they face day-to-day and on an annual basis.

By knowing more about your challenges throughout the year, we are better able to help you improve, evolve and build your value and your profits.

RGH Business Advisory services include:

  • BH: A big part of this is helping entrepreneurs buy and sell their business
  • Reviewing accounting and reporting systems to establish appropriate management controls
  • Assisting in establishing a new business including setting up accounting systems (both computer and manual) and registering with appropriate government departments
  • Business planning and developing growth strategies
  • Liaising with bankers and government agencies upon request
  • Assisting in drafting shareholder agreements. We can assist you, your business partners and your lawyer in arriving at an agreement that addresses current tax legislation and makes practical business sense.
  • Assisting companies in the development of management and owner-manager compensation policies which reflect optimum solutions in relation to tax planning strategies
  • Assisting businesses in finding new sources of capital or financial assistance, consulting on mergers, joint ventures and partnerships acquisition, and the sale of a business